How You Can Help – Why Your Support Matters

Clean water, wildlife habitat, working farms and ranches, and the opportunity to hike, fish and enjoy our magnificent lakes, rivers and mountains. These are just some of the benefits western Montana’s natural legacy provides. While we appreciate and enjoy these invaluable benefits, we also share a responsibility to ensure that they will be here for generations to come.

At Five Valleys Land Trust, we're working to protect our way of life--preserving popular recreational places like Mount Jumbo, Mount Sentinel, and the Alberton Gorge; important wildlife habitat and river corridors; and working farms and ranches from Darby to Lincoln and Superior to Deer Lodge.

Since 1972, our successes have been made possible thanks to the generosity, concern, and dedication of supporters like you. With thousands of acres of project opportunities underway to help ensure western Montana’s natural legacy endures, your support is an investment in the future of our waters, wildlife habitat, working farms and ranches, and recreational pursuits.

Donate Today and help protect what you love about western Montana.

Become a Member

By becoming a member of Five Valleys Land Trust, your voice joins hundreds of others committed to ensuring that the benefits provided by our mountains, clear flowing rivers, and working farms and ranches will endure—allowing future generations to experience the same "Montana" that we enjoy today.

As a member you will receive:

  • our newsletter, annual report, and periodic email updates;
  • invitations to easement celebrations and other special events;
  • and the satisfaction of knowing you are making a lasting difference in protecting western Montana’s incomparable natural legacy.

Please join us on-line today as a monthly, quarterly or annual contributor or simply download and mail a completed membership form with your check made payable to "Five Valleys Land Trust" to: Five Valleys Land Trust, P.O. Box 8953, Missoula, MT 59807.

Monthly Giving Club

If the idea of simplifying the membership donation process … eliminating the need for annual renewal notices … increasing the value of your support … and helping reduce Five Valleys’ administrative costs interests you, then you should consider becoming a member of our Monthly Giving Club.

Similar to other automatic monthly payments you might make for a mortgage or other fixed payments, you can authorize a set amount to be transferred from your checking/savings account or charged to your credit card each month and deposited directly into Five Valleys’ bank account.

Why monthly donations?

  • Automatic donations increase the value of your support by reducing administrative costs in processing your donations.
  • Without the need for annual renewal notices, monthly donations help save Five Valleys’ resources and postage costs.
  • You can put your donation to work right away without any mail or processing delays.
  • By donating monthly, your tax-deductible donation will be spread throughout the year.

Best of all, becoming a Monthly Giving Club member is easy.  Regardless of whether you are joining as a new member or would like to renew your membership, you can initiate monthly donations by:

1)   Going to the monthly giving section of our secure on-line donations page.

2)   Entering the desired amount of your recurring donation.

3)   Completing the rest of the on-line form with your checking / savings account information or your credit card information.

You can also begin monthly donations by downloading our Monthly Donation Authorization Form and authorizing gifts by either credit card or bank account debit. Simply mail your completed form, along with any necessary attachments, to Five Valleys Land Trust, PO Box 8953, Missoula, MT 59807.

Once your monthly giving preference is established, every month a tax-deductible donation will be deducted from your checking / savings account or charged to your credit card. If you move, change banks/credit cards, or wish to increase, decrease, or stop your monthly donations, simply write, email, or give us a call.

To show our appreciation of your monthly commitment, in addition to your usual membership benefits we’ll send you a Five Valleys’ water bottle. Use it on the road or to save resources and let it remind you of the impact your support has on our efforts each day.

Knowing that the support of members like you is there for us each month allows us to focus even more time and effort on land protection. Thank you for becoming a member of our Monthly Giving Club!

Fast Facts

Five Valleys began as the Five Valley River Park Association back in 1972.

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