Summer Matching Challenge

Our community rocks!

Our sincere thanks to everyone who donated to our Summer Fundraising Campaign. Because of you we met, and even exceeded, our summer matching challenges!

Missed supporting our campaign? It's never too late to Protect What You Love.

With your continued support we will pass on western Montana's natural legacy to the next generation.

Protecting What You Love by:

Building Community Equity. We listen and respond to the needs of the communities we serve. In Lincoln, this means working with community members to develop and steward the Lincoln Community River Park.

Protecting Agricultural Livelihoods. From the Mission Valley to the Flint Creek Valley, we are helping the next generation of farmers and ranchers preserve their heritage while protecting working lands for wildlife and providing local food for our communities.

Connecting People to the Land. More than 750 children and adults will spend time on our Rock Creek Confluence and Marshall Mountain properties this year alone.

Doubling Missoula’s Open Space. The recently opened Barmeyer Trail is already seeing a record number of hikers exploring the City of Missoula’s new open space on Mount Dean Stone. While the community explores, our Mount Dean Stone Community Needs Committee, comprised of over 20 partnering organizations and agencies, continues to work on the next steps of the proposed open space complex.

Help us ensure that the Montana we have today endures for the next generation.

"We have kids that are young and are going to grow up here and be able to do the same things I did. That’s tremendously important to me. And I know that I’m not the only person who recognizes the value of having preserved access for multiple generations. If you go any direction, and you flow from one valley to the next to the next, hop over a few ridges, everywhere you fly there’s going to be work that Five Valleys has done with a wide variety of different people on a wide variety of different landscapes." - Jeff Roth, community member

Header photo by Vo Von Sehlen

Lincoln Community River Park photo by Five Valleys staff

Mission Valley photo by Chris Gibisch

Rock Creek photo by Five Valleys staff

Mount Dean Stone photo by Vo Von Sehlen

Videography by Jahrig Media


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