Bird Banding Station at Rock Creek

For anyone looking to get up close and personal with our native feathered friends, look no further than visiting our Rock Creek Confluence Property this summer!  We are excited about our growing partnership with the University of Montana at the Confluence Property, which has resulted in the placement of a UM Bird Ecology Lab bird banding station there.

A researcher examining a captured cat bird.
A UM researcher examines a cat bird. Photo Vickie Edwards.

Each year, the UM Bird Ecology Lab sets up several stations in different valleys surrounding Missoula. Using a mist net and gentle hands, the researchers capture and then weigh, measure and band each specimen.  This data is invaluable for tracking bird health and population trends, especially this time of year when baby birds are fledging.  And the best part about this unique, hands-on research is that it's open to the public!

UM researchers and community volunteers at the bird banding station.
UM Bird Ecology Lab researchers and community volunteers at a bird banding station. Photo by Vickie Edwards.

Members of the public of all ages are invited to research station days throughout the summer.  At our Rock Creek Confluence Property, you can join in on the fun the following days:


  • Thursday, June 7th
  • Friday, June 17th
  • Thursday, June 23rd


  • Friday, July 8th
  • Thursday, July 14th
  • Friday, July 29th


  • Friday, August 5th

Interested in coming out to the Rock Creek Confluence bird banding station?  

Meet out at our Confluence Property at either 7am or 9am any of the scheduled days.  Please wear weather appropriate clothing and footwear and participants are encouraged to bring water, snacks, sunscreen and bug repellant.  For more information, contact Five Valleys or Michael Krzywicki with the UM Bird Ecology Lab at


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