Protect What You Love

What does protect what you love mean to you?

To us, it means protecting wildlife habitat, family farms and ranches, and our opportunity to get out on the trails we love. 

Whether you are a rancher or a trail runner, a hunter or a mountain biker, a nature lover, or all of the above, we share your passion for protecting what is most extraordinary about our western Montana home. And without your support, none of our important work would be possible.

If you love this place like we do, help protect it by making a year-end donation to Five Valleys Land Trust. 

Whether you prefer to give a one-time donation, become a monthly recurring donor, or by making Five Valleys a beneficiary of your will or trust, there are so many ways to support our work! 

Sharing the love

Our friends and neighbors are the heart and soul of Five Valleys. And we want to give back! This year, donors who give new or increased gifts will be entered to win a personalized tour of the valley of your choice! Explore the impact your support has on our landscape by visiting those project areas you've always wanted to set foot on.

Donate today. Together, we will pass on this extraordinary place to the next generation.

"Protecting what I love means doing my part to preserve all that sustains life—clean  air, water, and the natural beauty that surrounds us. Through my monthly donations, setting up an endowment, and by designating Five Valleys as a beneficiary in my will, I feel good about doing my part to help preserve the natural world and the open spaces I love." 
- Ethel MacDonald, supporter, monthly and planned giving donor, and volunteer extraordinaire

"'Protect what you love' means making the effort to preserve the amazing natural landscapes for our generation and those that follow. To run. To bike. To hike. To hunt. To fish. To birdwatch. To sit in solitude. To refresh and rejoice. To nourish our soles and our souls.  
"We have to become actively involved and engaged in the preservation and conservation process or we run the risk of forever losing important open spaces and natural landscapes. I'm hopeful that the next generation(s) will regularly comment that they are pleased that we, as a community, made the commitment to preserve the natural landscapes in and around western Montana." 
- Tony Banovich, Executive Director of Run Wild Missoula

"There are a lot of reasons why I chose to live in Missoula--a great job, an open, exciting community with lots of art, culture, food and of course local brews. But the most important factor is the natural environment that surrounds and permeates everything Missoula is. 
We are lucky to live with such amazing mountains and rivers in our backyard (literally). However, I know that it is not by accident that these lands have been preserved from development and opened to the public. And that is why I am committed to volunteering with Five Valleys Land Trust to protect what I love--these valleys, mountains, rivers, meadows, and streams--for us and future generations." 
- Jenn Bell, Five Valleys volunteer

Header photo by Jason Savage

Ethel MacDonald photo by courtesy of Ethel MacDonald

Tony Banovich photo by Myke Hermsmeyer

Jenn Bell photo courtesy of Jenn Bell


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