Hands on the Land

Stemming from the combination of landowners’ desires to restore and enhance the conservation values on their property and the interest many Five Valleys' members have expressed in getting involved on the land, in 2003 Five Valleys launched our Hands on the Land (HOTL) program.  Working with partnering landowners and a growing crew of volunteers, the HOTL program promotes outstanding stewardship through grassroots, on-the-ground restoration.  This program has quickly proven to be an effective (and fun) way to meet and exceed the conservation standards of our easements while increasing our members’ direct involvement in our efforts.

Each year we bring members of the community to easement lands to learn about the land’s conservation values and the importance of good stewardship practices.  Participants have the opportunity to walk with experts in diverse fields, such as fire ecology, native flora of intermountain prairies, restoration ecology, and ornithology and lend a hand on habitat restoration projects, such as:

  • Riparian and wetland plant community restoration
  • Native prairie restoration/ noxious weed pulling
  • Habitat enhancement for rare and threatened species
  • Fence building/ removal
  • Trail maintenance

Are you interested in volunteering?  Feel free to call us at (406) 549-0755.

View our Calendar for upcoming Hands on the Land projects.

Fast Facts

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