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Five Valleys Land Trust is Now Hiring--Development and Communications Coordinator

Applications will be reveiwed starting March 20, 2015.

To apply please submit your cover letter, resume and 3 references to Five Valleys Land Trust, 120 Hickory St., Suite B, Missoula, MT 59801 or


Development and Communications Coordinator


-Make donation requests and assists development team with solicitations.
-Plays lead role in managing development and outreach events with program directors.
-Coordinates and manages and/or supports donor and outreach events.
-Works with Philanthropy Director to keep letters and correspondence up to date.
-Works with Philanthropy Director and Office Manager to create and organize mailings (appeals, renewal notices, CE announcement post cards, member solicitations, etc.).
-Writes grants and supports grant writing efforts.
-Performs database maintenance and management as needed and supports the Office Manager in database duties.
-Supports overall development efforts.


Communications and Public Relations

-Works with the development team to develop, coordinate, and implement an annual outreach and events plan.
-Supports development and implementation of annual marketing plan.
-Coordinates the planning, production and distribution of newsletters, annual reports, and other outreach materials including press releases as needed or as defined in the marketing plan.
-Develops and maintains overall social media efforts including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others as identified in annual marketing plan.
-Manages FVLT’s website, ensures timely updates and evaluates website effectiveness utilizing measurable metrics.
-Participates in community engagement efforts that may include presenting at service groups, tabling at events such as the Farmer’s Market, and potentially joining a service group.
-Develops and maintains an annual volunteer program.
-Coordinates and manages FVLT volunteers.
-Works with staff to prepare and obtain publicity for events and projects.
-Helps coordinate activities with other organizations as opportunities arise.
-Orders merchandise, coordinates sales, and maintains inventory.
-Provides support to various committees as deemed appropriate.



-Performs other duties as may be deemed appropriate by the Philanthropy Director.


Essential Functions:

Increases FVLT’s visibility through outreach events, publications, social media, etc. Plays lead role in managing development and outreach events with program directors. Develops and manages robust volunteer program. Provides overall support for Development Team including solicitation of donations, assistance with grant writing, correspondence and leadership in organizing special events. Frequent interaction with staff, board members, supporters, and land owners.




  • Bachelor's degree or 2 years related experience or equivalent combination, or high school diploma plus 3 years related experience or equivalent combination.
  • Experience in MS Office, Word, and Excel.
  • Experience with social media including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Experience with organizing time and managing diverse activities to meet deadlines.
  • Experience working with and communicating with a wide range of people.
  • Experience with database work / data entry.



  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Ability to organize time and manage diverse activities and meet deadlines.
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail required.
  • Demonstrated database management skills and ability to produce reports.
  • Demonstrated experience in MS Office, Word, and Excel.



  • Work is usually performed according to instructions or established practices, however ability to solve problems / deal with unusual circumstances necessary.
  • Ability to analyze available information for the purposes of preparing reports, coordinating efforts and solving problems.
  • Ability to handle multiple & variable well-defined assignments.



  • Duties are performed under general supervision and established guidelines.
  • Demonstrates common sense, flexibility and teamwork.
  • Tracks progress on tasks and does follow-up as needed.
  • May act as a resource to others to solve problems.
  • Refers difficult questions and unusual problems to supervisors.



  • Reports directly to Philanthropy Director.
  • Works in a team to complete projects.
  • May work with and direct volunteers, interns, or temporary staff.
  • Limited financial responsibility, which may include bank deposits, check requests or travel arrangements.
  • May purchase equipment and supplies as provided for in budget and in consultation with supervisor.



  • Ability to work with and communicate with a wide range of people -- the public, members, donors, and other staff. Excellent "customer service" skills and focus.
  • Provides other staff with information they need to make accurate and timely decisions.
  • Familiarity with standard business communications.



  • Work requires only minor physical exertion and/or physical strain. Work environment involves only infrequent exposure to disagreeable elements.
  • Ability to work outside of Monday-Friday, 9-5 business hours required.


Work Load and Time:

As a professional, exempt position, the Development and Communications Coordinator is expected to strike a balance between the following:

  • Having the responsibility and flexibility to meet the work load in a largely self-determined manner;
  • Being responsive to organizational needs for accountability and presence in and out of the office as determined by the Philanthropy Director and the Personnel Policy;
  • Completing work generally within the time allocated for the job.


The Executive Director may, from time to time, require the employee to work extra hours in order to attend specific meetings or to work on particular organizational activities.

Discovery Ski Day - 3/8

Ski with us at Discovery Ski Area on Sunday, March 8th! Don't forget to set your clocks, and spring forward with skiing and fun at Discovery Ski Area. Tickets are marked down to $30 and $12 of each lift ticket sold that day will benefit Five Valleys Land Trust.

Rattlesnake Land Trust Closes and Passes Responsibility to Five Valleys Land Trust

After 20 years Rattlesnake Land Trust closes and passes responsibility to Five Valleys Land Trust.

Blackfoot-Clearwater Project

Five Valleys Land Trust is thrilled with the recent announcement that the Nature Conservancy of Montana is purchasing 117,000 acres of forestland in western Montana from Plum Creek Timber.

Rock Creek Cabin Rental

The Rock Creek Confluence Cabin is available to rent. Located at the confluence of Rock Creek and the Clark Fork River, the cabin sits on 280 acres. There is fishing access nearby and lots of places to hike, bird watch and relax while enjoying this beautiful valley. A short distance up Rock Creek Road you’ll find a world-renowned, blue ribbon, trout stream and stunning scenery.

Mission Valley Easement Completed

On December 30th Five Valleys finalized one of the biggest projects of 2013, protecting nearly 2,300 acres in the Mission Valley.

Public Access at the Rock Creek Confluence property

A five-vehicle parking site is open on the eastside of the confluence property. This parking lot allows easy walk-in access just upriver from the Rock Creek road.

Lincoln Easement Completed

Just north of the town of Lincoln and south of the Bob Marshall/Scapegoat Wilderness complex is a 160 acre meadow fringed by ponderosa and lodgepole pines known as the Youderian Meadow. The Youderian family has been here since 1959, and on June 5, they finalized their long-held dream of forever protecting this meadow with a conservation easement.

Rock Creek Confluence Project Closes

Today Five Valleys Land Trust purchased the historic Corra Ranch at the confluence of Rock Creek and the Clark Fork River, preserving the scenic gateway to Rock Creek forever, and ensuring that wild trout continue to swim upstream to their traditional spawning beds.

Revais Creek Easement Completed

On December 7th Five Valleys closed a 50 acre conservation easement that protects an important reach of Revais Creek near Dixon.

Fast Facts

To date, Five Valleys has protected more than 64,000 acres. >>

News & Events

Five Valleys Land Trust is Now Hiring--Development and Communications Coordinator >>

Discovery Ski Day - 3/8 >>