2014 Annual Report

From the Board President

As the newly elected board president, I have had both the honor and privilege of serving on the Five Valleys Land Trust board for many years now. It has been amazing to me to see the level of commitment that both our board and staff have given to this organization through the years. Our past is full of stories of vision, hard work, and commitment; and full of people who knew on some deep, personal level the importance of our work. 

“Conservation in western Montana is not a once in a lifetime opportunity, it’s a once in human history opportunity.” — JIM VALEO, Five Valleys Board President, 2010-2013

As I look toward the future, I see an organization that represents the communities we serve and an organization that is crucial to those communities. We are ranchers, doctors, teachers, retirees, governmental employees, foresters, business people, and stay-at-home parents. We are hunters, anglers, carpool drivers, hikers, photographers, and bird watchers. We are young and we are old. But what we share is the feeling that Montana is a special place worthy of our conservation efforts. 

Our accomplishments have been vast, but there is much, much more to be done. I hope as you read this report, you will be proud of your own contribution, inspired by what has been done, and motivated to keep working together for the future.


Download the 2014 Annual Report (PDF).

Photo by Grant Kier


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