Public Health and Outdoor Connection

Now, more than ever, spending time outdoors provides respite, a place to connect, and the space to nurture our health. Moderate activity, and time spent in nature, can help boost your immune system, as well as your mental and emotional health.

Under State of Montana COVID-19 guidelines, small-group outdoor activities are still permitted, provided they follow social distancing and personal hygiene protocols. Help keep yourself, and your community, safe and healthy by following these guidelines when using opens spaces or trails:


     ·      Get outside, enjoy our open spaces, soak up the health benefits of fresh air and sunshine.

     ·      Follow the CDC’s guidelines on personal hygiene prior to and after visiting open spaces.    

     ·      Maintain at least 6 feet of space between you and other users. Take extra precautions at trailheads.

     ·      Consider wearing a cloth face mask to reduce the risk of exposure.

     ·      Follow local rules, restrictions and closures.

     ·      Prepare for limited access to public amenities like restrooms. Pack in, pack out.

     ·      Use proper spring trail etiquette – embrace the mud, don’t forge new trails.


   ·      Go out if you are feeling ill, or if someone in your household is ill.

   ·      Recreate in groups. If you must, keep it to a few members of your own household. Don’t crowd the trail if you are in a small group.

   ·      Visit already crowded open spaces. If a trailhead or park is already seeing heavy use, explore a new area or come back another time.

   ·      Don’t travel – recreate as close to home as possible.

   ·      Avoid dangerous activities that might lead to injury or hospitalization. Help our healthcare providers by playing it safe.

Together, we can help flatten the curve while enjoying our western Montana lands.

Header photo by Athena Lonsdale


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