Five Valleys Hosts Stewardship Professionals Retreat at Rock Creek

During the first week in February, stewardship professionals from around the region met at Five Valleys' Rock Creek Confluence Property for a day-long retreat.  More than twenty participants, some from as far away as Washington and Idaho, gathered to discuss challenges, successes and the future of their organizations' stewardship programs.  

Over twenty professionals met for the Stewardship retreat.
Top Row: Matt Bell (Montana Land Reliance), Mitch Doherty (Vital Ground), Nick Norton (Palouse Land Trust), Gary Burnett (Heart of the Rockies), Peter Brown (Gallatin Valley Land Trust), Mark Schultz (Montana Land Reliance), Ryan Hunter (Flathead Land Trust), Will Trimbath (Montana Land Reliance), Alice Jones (Five Valleys Land Trust), Sara Schmidt (Blackfoot Challenge), Lucas Cain (Gallatin Valley Land Trust), Kevin League (MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks), Jenny Tollefson (Five Valleys Land Trust), Nate Kopp (Prickly Pear Land Trust). Bottom Row: Regan Plumb (Kaniksu Land Trust), Steve Kloetzel (The Nature Conservancy), Chris DeForest (Inland Northwest Land Conservancy), Ryan Chapin (Five Valleys Land Trust), Bray Beltran (Heart of the Rockies), Travis Vincent (Prickly Pear Land Trust).

The group was inspired to get together to share, discuss and brainstorm around the similar issues that the many varying organizations often face with their stewardship programs. Storytelling, technical advice, hiking, and even a campfire made it into the day's agenda.  A strong feeling of camaraderie made the day extra special. 

Due to great the turnout and meaningful discussion, the group decided that a second annual stewardship day retreat is in order. Five Valleys' stewardship team is looking forward to it!

Rock Creek at the Rock Creek Confluence Property. Photo by Little Bear Photography.
Rock Creek at the Rock Creek Confluence Property. Photo by Little Bear Photography.


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