Matching Challenge Met!

Now, maybe more than ever, our western Montana lands are playing a critical role in our physical and mental health. At a time in our lives when physical distancing can save lives, connecting to the land can as well. It is a gift that the act of getting outside can not only help our communities, but also ourselves.

Five Valleys is working to meet our community’s emerging and diverse needs by creating accessible open spaces for everyone. That means working to build nearly ten miles of new trails on Mount Dean Stone, stewarding the universal trail and living laboratory at the Rock Creek Confluence, and providing places to play at the Lincoln Community River Park, Marshall Mountain and on community open spaces and trails across western Montana. In tandem, we're working to support our local food systems by conserving productive, family-owned agricultural lands across the region, from Potomac to Maxville to Garrison, and safeguarding the vibrant, connected wildlife habitat that these lands provide.

Earlier this season, to support these projects and the lands we depend on, our community came together to help us meet a $10,000 summer matching challenge. A generous donor was so moved by your support that they challenged us to raise an additional $10,000 by August 15th.

Matching Challenge Update: Match Met!

We are in awe of you, our incredible community. You helped us meet not one, but TWO matching challenges. From every corner of western Montana (and beyond) you came together to help us reach our goals.

That's a lot of love for our community open spaces, local agriculture, clean rivers, and connected wildlife habitat.

Sincere thanks to everyone who participated, and to the families who provided our matches, for your generosity and your support of our work.

"Five Valleys has become emblematic of Montana culture, working with all interests to enhance the state, our community and our natural lands. This effort has never been more important than now as we hold our strong traditions of an agricultural society, but progress further into land usage for recreation. As a unified and collaborative community, Five Valleys is helping us all continue our passions of working and recreating in our great state and on our natural lands." - Rob Amrine, M.D., Missoula Bone & Joint, and Kristine Akland, Akland Law Firm, PLLC

Header photo by Wendy Ninteman

Photo of Rob Amrine and Kristine Akland by Tom Robertson


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